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Countertop space is hard to come by, having a microwave on this surface will only limit your prep and cooking space further. So, let’s unpack a few solutions to eliminating a heavily used appliance from your much needed countertop.

For an extravagant upgrade, a microwave drawer is always an option. Sharp is one of the most sought after microwave drawers, install this appliance in your island or perimeter of your kitchen. Simply press the button to allow for the drawer to open and close all on its own. This is the sleekest solution.

Microwave cabinets are the next option. Giving you the ability to use existing microwaves while being able to remove them from your countertops. Again, this cabinet can be installed in your island or the perimeter of your kitchen. Install a shelf to an existing run or, if you are remodeling your kitchen, include a microwave cabinet to be installed above your oven or nearby bar.

The least drastic and easiest option is to move your microwave into your pantry. Walk in or not, as long as it is deep enough to accommodate your appliance not only is it removed from your countertop but it is now out of sight while continuing to be easily accessed.

No matter your end game, your microwave storage can be upgraded while improving the flow of your new or existing kitchen.