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Home Office

Well experienced in creating custom cabinetry for home offices, Beyond Cabinets approaches each individual workspace with the understanding it must provide comfort and functionality supportive of the user while complementing the design and décor of the home as a whole.

Our home office solutions fulfill these requirements, beautifully. Embracing your ideas and adhering to your needs, we create custom cabinets and other office furniture elements to the highest standards of craftsmanship and using materials including domestic and exotic woods of many types as well as a variety of metals. So while no two Beyond Cabinets home office solutions are the same, all share one outcome: Functionality as art.

See our slideshow for some ideas, then see us turn your dreams into a beautifully-crafted reality.

Custom Shelving &

Entertainment Systems

Most often created for family rooms but also appreciated by many homeowners for offices, dens, bedrooms and living rooms, the custom shelving and entertainment systems designed and crafted by Beyond Cabinets by Mueller can enhance the beauty and order of any room, in every residence.

Often the focus of family get-togethers, as well as parties, entertainment systems and the shelving that often surround them, can help transform your home into a warm and inviting place. Using the highest quality materials and most advanced techniques, rely on us for custom-crafted solutions that meet your individual needs and complement your décor as no standard, off-the-shelf solution can attain.