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Believe it or not there is a correct and wrong way to design a kitchen with staggered cabinets with crown molding. While this is a great option when trying to achieve a traditional and elegant design, or a contemporary look with class, you want to avoid a few common mistakes. With a large kitchen, installing cabinets as such can create depth and allow for a space to feel more open.

Crown molding, a decorative trim piece installed at the top, plays a huge role in completing the final look and will almost always be used in this type of design. Because of this, you want to make certain the crown has a place to die into. In this case it will need to butt into another cabinet. With a staggered layout, staggered depth is a must. Without an increased depth of 3” to the raised cabinet, a return will have to be made with the crown molding. This can cause the finished project to look amateur and poorly thought out. 

In this design, less is more. We recommend choosing a specific area of the room to implement this look. For example, choosing to increase the height and depth of the cabinets on either side of the window, or above the range will create a focal point. Drawing the eye and allowing for a break in a long run of cabinets. If you are concerned about the kitchen feeling cluttered and overwhelmed by cabinets, you can also break up the perimeter with the use of glass fronts or open shelving. 

Traditional kitchens naturally have many details and embellishments. Include cabinets installed at multiple levels for an added dimension to this timeless space!

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