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Making the most of your small space can be challenging, and seem like a daunting task. However, there are many creative design ideas to optimize any small room, in particular when designing a kitchen or bathroom 

Overall, keeping the space light and airy will make a difference in any small space. Be mindful when selecting the color and finishes of your design. White or light wood toned cabinets are commonly used in this scenario. If you are hoping for more color, baby blues or other soft paint finishes will have the same impact. Go as far as replacing upper cabinets with open shelving, this will allow for the room to feel more open and less compact. For example, install light blue or white cabinets with stained wood shelving. Your final design will feel less cluttered, helping to draw your gaze upward. If upper cabinets are a storage must, installing them with glass doors will have a similar effect.

Continue this thought process when making the rest of your selections. In doing so, consider choosing reflective surfaces. For instance, glossy countertops, smooth glass or ceramic backsplashes, and even stainless steel appliances will play with the lighting, giving the illusion of a bigger space. For added depth, you can incorporate large tiles with bold patterns. Choosing to do so gives you the opportunity to add visual interest to floors, walls, and even showers enclosed with glass surrounds. 

Most importantly maximize your design with clever storage solutions. By adding stand alone cabinets you can break up the space. Including furniture pieces will again, add visual interest while giving you the freedom to have storage outside of the initial kitchen footprint. To optimize the space in a kitchen or bathroom, add drawer bases wherever possible. This is a sure way to positively impact the functionality and organization your lifestyle may require. Just like floating shelves, a floating vanity with drawers will help bring an airy feeling to a cramped bathroom. This will also give you the same amount of countertop space without the heaviness of a traditional vanity.

With so many unique ways to make the most of a small space, what was once a challenging room can now become functional and still feel cozy.

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