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With later generations taking steps to becoming homeowners, the expectations of the materials used to complete remodel are evolving. With that being said, Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient kitchens are becoming a must for some.
Natural toned cabinets are a good place to start, bringing a peaceful and earthy balance to the kitchen. This will also make it easier for both current and later owners of the home to implement their own flair and color pallet through décor and furniture pieces.
Finding eco-friendly cabinets is not as difficult as it used to be. More and more cabinet manufactures are going green. For instance, MasterBrand cabinets (which include lines sold at Beyond Cabinets such as Kitchen Craft and Omega) are using low emission coatings, reusing, and recycling 90% of waste and left over scraps.
Bamboo cabinets are another great option as bamboo regenerates quickly, is long lasting, and durable. It has also been known to improve air quality while providing a beautiful aesthetic to the home.
For other wood used in your kitchen, consider using cork, reclaimed, or recycled wood. Shopping locally is a great way to bring these materials into your home.

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