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Last week we talked about hardware for cabinet doors, this week we are going to look into drawer hardware! For drawers, hardware placement is a little more straightforward. Big relief right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are still decisions to be made!

Generally speaking, the chosen hardware should be placed at the center of the center panel of each drawer and lined up with one another. In some instances, you may decide to place the hardware in the top railing. In another instance, if you have pullout trash in your kitchen, placing the hardware in the top rail will always be the best option.

So now, the big question, knobs or pulls? Overall pulls are a better choice for most drawers, providing a better grip and leading to better function. For smaller drawers, knobs will work just fine. In the end, this is 100% up to you. Feel free to mix and match, choosing whichever option is more comfortable or more appealing to you!

Most importantly, when choosing the hardware for your kitchen or bathroom, think about the impact you want it to make. Knobs are smaller and more discrete, while pulls are larger making a bigger statement. However, depending on the finish of your hardware you can make a similar impact with both.

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