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There are many ways to modernize the bathrooms in your home, from simple fixture and hardware changes to a full demo. Remodeling these rooms will improve function and visual interest in your day to day life. 

This remodel can be approached from bold and powerful to cozy and peaceful, both styles are heavily trending. If you have more than one bathroom, you can use this opportunity to create completely different spaces. For a powder room or a small bath, make it pop! Bring this room to life with daring wallpaper or large patterned floor tiles. For your master, you may decide to go with a spa-like design. Mold your happy place with mellow colors, natural materials, and soft toned flooring. Biophilic design can be included with both style choices. Accompanied by proper lighting, introduce leaves and greenery through bathroom grade wallpaper, or create the illusion of water with the use of shower wall tile. 

Cabinetry should be determined based on the size of the bathroom, as well as your family’s needs. While abundant storage may be important to some, keeping the space feeling open may be important to others. For storage, choosing a vanity layout that allows for drawer banks and towers may be ideal. To keep the cabinetry from feeling too heavy, you can also choose to install a floating vanity or floating shelves. This way your storage needs are met without the density a traditional layout may bring. Color choice should meet the homeowners vision. In a powder room, a painted eye-catching color is a great option. Allowing for some play in design without it feeling overwhelming. In larger bathrooms, wood stains or more delicate painted finishes can create the same striking visual. 

The final touches are equally as important when updating your bathrooms. As previously mentioned, great lighting is crucial in your remodel. For instance; install backlit mirrors, accompanied by inset lighting, and hanging pendants or a chandelier. We suggest installing a few types of lighting in each room, giving you and your guests the ability to choose a relaxing minimal glow or an energizing burst of brightness. For added effect, pair a stand alone tub with a built-in fireplace. Popular plumbing and hardware finishes like; polished nickel, black, or gold will be the final accessories to your design. Combine simple cabinet pulls, with a futuristic touchless faucet or rainfall shower head. 

Modernize and style your bathrooms in a way that will make your guests feel happy and welcome, while providing a space to unwind for those living in the home.

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