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Double Islands are not for every design, but for kitchens large enough they can add extra function and visual interest. 

There are two different ways to create a kitchen with two islands. Putting them vertical of one another will increase countertop space and symmetry, elongating your design. You can also put them back to back. This is a great choice if you entertain often. At which point you can use the island closest to the perimeter as active storage and prep space, while the other island can have an extended countertop for family and visitors to sit. Keeping the mess separate from the guests! Two islands are generally added with the idea of one having integrated appliances and microwave drawers, while the other is allotted for serving and informal dining. 

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can still have back to back islands. Keep in mind, there needs to be a minimum of 24” between the two and 42” to 48” between the island and the perimeter. In this case, one may need to be narrower than the other. In doing so, you can still achieve the same accommodations as mentioned above on a more compact scale. Narrow both islands and use the one closer to a common space as a bar. Simply installing an undercounter fridge or wine racks will add another element to your home. 

Designing with two islands will add a unique flair and change the way you operate in your kitchen! 

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