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Japandi design is an up and coming trend. Incorporating Biophilic and Eco Friendly ideals, with Scandinavian style, and the cultivated function of Japanese design.

The foundation of your remodel or newly built kitchen will always be the layout, making your cabinets a main component. Bamboo cabinets are a great choice. Not only are they a sustainable material, but they follow the color palette of Japandi design, neutral and natural. Two toned cabinetry is also fully welcomed. Light stains or paints, paired with dark stains or black, will add depth. Most commonly used are plain slab doors, with the option to also include a simple shaker or fluted wood door style. 

Fluted wood has slight curves cut into it, allowing it to stand out and add texture without being overpowering. Consider using fluted wood on a curved island, breaking up the clean lines that otherwise come with the Scandinavian influence of this design. You can also include the use of open shelving to help achieve an open and airy feel. Implementing nature is another important component. If possible, include an abundance of natural light and raw materials. Heavy use of stone countertops that can also be used as backsplash are recommended. 

Another way to complete your backsplash, is to install ceramic tiles that are mellow in both color and texture for an added subtle element. Gray, beige and white are the colors frequently chosen when making these selections. In addition to the possibility of wood cabinetry, wood or bamboo flooring is a great option to tie your kitchen together from the ground up. This design is another example of less is more. Mixing materials throughout the space will provide the minimalist modern edge with the ability for it to still feel warm and cozy. 

Japandi design is best used to accentuate and add to the visual interest of architecturally focused homes. To complete this look, integrate black or brass finishes and bold lighting fixtures. 

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