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If you ask us about blind corner cabinets we’d say “Avoid them at all costs!”. But if you can’t, we have an opinion about that too. Having a blind corner makes the transition of base cabinets from wall-to-wall look seamless. While your cabinets may look beautiful, it creates a functional disaster.

Bending and twisting to reach the crock pot sound unpleasant? A LeMans, while pricey, is convenient and allows the use of a blind corner cabinet with ease. A LeMans has two shelves attached to a rod in the back of the cabinet. Simply pull out the shelves as they guide themselves out of the cabinet and to the side. Each shelf can hold up to 45lbs. Once finished, push the shelf back in and let it go as it puts itself back in place with a soft close feature.

Another option would be the Magic Corner Function. Working similarly to the LeMans, the Magic corner is equipped with four baskets. As two pull out and to the side, the other two follow resting in the opening of your cabinet. Allowing for access to all four of the baskets at once. When you’re done, push the baskets back inside as they again, return to their stationary position with a soft close feature.

While elegant and fun, the downside to both of these blind corner functions is the wasted space. If having a blind corner cabinet is unavoidable there are a few options that may make having this cabinet less painful. To maximize storage, we recommend using it as is. While it may be hard to retrieve stored items from the back, using the fixed shelving it comes with allows for more storage and more efficient use of the cabinet itself.

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