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When designing a kitchen for multiple generations, we want to ensure the space will be safe and functional for all ages. The cabinetry, materials, and layout  you choose are crucial to the success of this design, staying mindful of multiple cooks and mobility aids. Be cognizant of ease of use and accessibility during this remodel. 

When choosing the cabinetry to include in your new kitchen, a designer is sure to walk you through your many options. For your base use drawers in place of cabinetry. Not only will they increase your storage opportunities, but also allow for easier accessibility to items like plates and cookware. If limited vision is a concern in your home, you may consider glass front or horizontal lift up cabinets. Both options will allow for less visual obstruction when locating or retrieving overhead items. 

Having ample countertop space is also important, you can choose to implement multiple height surface areas. This will help when accommodating the different needs of those who want to help in the baking or meal prep process, giving the option to sit or stand while carrying out tasks. 

A universal design that ages in place, is sure to adapt with your family’s needs for years to come.

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