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To knob or not to knob, that is the question you must ask yourself when adding the finishing touches on your newly remodeled kitchen. And, if you choose to add knobs to your cabinetry, what is the correct placement? The answer, there isn’t one! Helpful, we know, but it’s based on personal choice.

Each person’s cabinet doors will be different from the next. Differing in rail size and door style. A good starting place for cabinet doors is to place the hardware(pull or knob) 3 inches up from the bottom if it is an upper cabinet, 3 inches down from the top if it is a base cabinet, and an inch and a half in from the side. But just like door styles, there are several different knobs and handles, and not all will look good or provide the best function when opening and closing your cabinet doors.

If you choose against knobs or pulls, there are a couple of options. Push-to-open hardware is one of them. Magnets are used in place of traditional hardware allowing you to push near the magnet and release the door from its holding place. Another option is having a built-in groove at the tops of the cabinet doors. A rail is placed on the backside of the door allowing an opening for your fingers.

While kitchens without pulls could be considered more modern, allowing for a sleeker finish with slab doors and specialty finishes, knobs can be selected for any design of any size!

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