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The perimeter is important for storage and to form the outline of your space, however adding or reconfiguring your island can take your kitchen to a new level.

Like a tropical island, kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes! For a small space consider a rolling island, easily move it where it’s needed for prep or serving. For a larger kitchen, you have the ability to add a cooktop or sink, freeing up space on the surrounding countertops. Having an overhang with bar stools creates convenience for quick meals and company.

Size and shape are just the half of it, functionality and storage can also play a major role. Drawers allow for the storage of pots and pans, or even dishes. A pop-up mixer can be added if you are an avid baker. Trash pull-outs can be centralized and cabinets with doors on the backside of the island are great for bulk storage. Think outside of the box and add side shelving for cookbooks or fresh herbs. Consider leaving the underside of your island open, adding storage baskets, or adding décor on additional shelving below.

We are not saying an island will make or break your kitchen, however, it allows for more storage and counter space, and adds that extra wow factor!

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