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Deciding which style you’d like your kitchen to reflect can be challenging. The beauty of design is being able to mix different elements of these distinguished styles.

For instance, modern and contemporary design can go hand in hand. A modern kitchen is generally achieved with clean lines. Oftentimes this style choice can be seen as cold with the use of cool-tone countertops and slab doors. By mixing the two, you have an opportunity to create a minimalist space with the allowance of curves, pops of color, and neutral furniture pieces to make your end result still feel homey. Choose to use shaker doors for an added depth to your vision of simplicity.

Transitional and Traditional also work well together. Any transitional space will pull from traditional design including; furniture pieces, molding, simple backsplashes, and color choices. With traditional styles, cabinets can feel heavy. And you may risk your kitchen feeling dated, especially with the use of raised panel doors. Choosing transitional gives you the ability to include open space and shelving. This choice works best for older homes. Allowing you to pair existing characteristics of the home with a modernized twist.

Another instance would be to pull from both rustic and industrial inspiration. In doing so, you can obtain a space with cold elements such as raw materials and steel with it still feeling cozy and inviting. Don’t be afraid to use repurposed or untreated woods in this design. A good example would be to bring in stainless steel appliances, metal lighting fixtures, and shelving, mixed with stained wooden cabinetry, and warm-toned stones.

Sure you can choose one specific style for your final design, but there is no harm in bringing multiple finishing styles together to make your home feel just as unique as you.

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