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Whether you’re a wine extraordinaire or keep it on hand for special occasions, there is a way to both beautifully or discreetly store your bottles. As mentioned in a previous blog, wine bars are a way to make a statement in your home while keeping all common items organized. In this blog we will be looking at other ways to incorporate wine storage into your kitchen.

We are beginning to see pullout shelves used for all different types of storage. So why not use them to store your wine bottles? If having them on display is not a part of your vision, or you seldomly pop a cork, this may be a simple solution for you! Not doing a remodel? No problem, you can oftentimes add pullout drawers to existing frameless cabinets.

Wine racks can be custom designed to fit in the open space between a refrigerator or built into your kitchen island. A tall rack, in an empty space will allow for more storage capabilities. A stand alone wine rack can also be custom designed to give your kitchen that extra pop. Installing wine racks on the side of your island will not only allow for organization but can also add different elements, breaking up a large island.

No matter how you choose to go about this addition to your kitchen, it is bound to add class to any home!