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Having a two toned kitchen can provide the best of both worlds. Can’t decide if you want to brighten up the space with a pop of color, or warm it up with wood tones? Do both, cool and wood tones can easily be mixed. Depending on the size of your kitchen, selecting two different finishes can make all the difference and get guests talking about your remodel.

Uppers and lowers can be different colors. For example, make your upper cabinets blue and your base and tall cabinets a natural walnut. If that’s too daunting but you would still like to add a pop of color. Consider making your perimeter cabinets a wood tone, only making your island the color of your choosing. Want to incorporate a separate component to your design? Add a dry bar. In doing so you have the option to choose a fun color making this addition look like a piece of furniture instead of an obvious part of your kitchen.

Two toned kitchens have taken the industry by storm. Allowing homeowners to truly express themselves while thinking outside of the box!

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