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No matter your lifestyle there is a bar for you that can be incorporated into any home.

Coffee and tea bars are great for creating the ability to house your coffee-making appliance by taking up counter space in a designated area. Teacups and mugs can be displayed from behind glass doors or hidden away for a more minimalistic look. Store different types of coffee or tea bags in base cabinet drawers, along with stirring spoons. Having a separate space for these beverages will allow for optimum organization. It will also give you the option to display as little or as much as you’d like without affecting the space too much.

Wine and Juice bars, while very different, can be designed similarly. Both would function best with a mini-fridge or refrigerator drawers. Giving you the ability to keep perishables cold and convenient, you can also designate a space for a beer or wine fridge. If you don’t want a bulky juicer to show, consider an appliance garage or tambour. Incorporating cabinets with doors to store mixers and shakers will help keep the countertop free for a small sink. Add glass cabinet doors or floating shelves to store glassware and tie everything together.

In the end, having a bar in your home is not a necessity but can be an eye-catching addition of cabinetry and function.

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