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If we could ask Martha Stewart what she would add to her kitchen, I bet she would say a pop-up mixer cabinet. This cabinet mechanism will excite any baking enthusiast!

How does it work? This cabinet function attaches to the inner sides of a 15” or 18” cabinet. The metal arms are connected to a flat wooden top that fits perfectly inside holding the mixer of your choice. When you are ready to use it, simply pull it out and up as it locks into place ready for you to mix your worries away! Once done, simply pull back the triggers under the surface, release, and stand back as it gently glides itself back inside the cabinet. To plug it in, you have two options. Install an electrical outlet to the inside of the cabinet keeping the mixer plugged in and ready to use or, pull the cord out plugging it into an outlet on the exterior when in use.

Install your pop-up mixer in an island or in a designated prep area in your kitchen, allowing for endless baking possibilities!

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