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HGTV kitchens, while breathtaking, are not always functional. We are here to tell you that you can design a kitchen that can be both aesthetically pleasing and still practical for any occasion.

Your goal should ultimately be to make your life as easy as possible. Beautifying can still be the focus, just so the functionality is solidified first. Add or arrange cabinetry, ensuring you have plenty of landing areas and prep space. This can be achieved by reconfiguring or adding an island, moving appliances, or completely starting from scratch.

Next, pick and choose your needed type of cabinet storage. Decide which is more important to you, drawers or cabinets with doors. Add a tall cabinet or pantry. Would a pop-up mixer improve your baking routine? Overwhelmed by upper cabinets? Add open shelving to keep the space lighter while giving the option to store dishware or frequently used cooking ingredients.

Now for the fun part!

Now that you have created the base layer, use paint, tiles, and other materials to complete your vision. This is where the aesthetics come in, a simple window treatment or change in lighting fixtures can drastically change a room. Choose creative tiles, accent parts of the kitchen, install new flooring, or even simply choose to install painted cabinets in your home.

I could go on but in the end, letting your personality and style show throughout your home and your kitchen is more than possible, even with the practicality of a well-functioning kitchen.

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