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From our experience, everyone has a different idea of what a media wall means to them. A big plus in choosing a custom design allows for you to make the focal point of your living room meet your own wants and needs.
For example, in trying to achieve a modern look you may consider a more minimalist approach. In doing so you can still obtain a tremendous amount of storage while drawing the eye to sleek, and clean lined cabinetry. Floating cabinets, shaker, or slab doors are a few options to transform this common room. Choose open shelving for a more open and airy appeal.
If you prefer a traditional or contemporary finish, installing a full wall of cabinets is sure to grab the attention of visitors and make a statement in this space. While a TV may be a focal point in this design, cabinets can be installed on either side and taken up to the ceiling. Whether you prefer cabinets with solid doors, glass doors, or bookcases is entirely up to you. We still may recommend a more simplistic door style. In doing so, it will make your new installation easier to keep clean and is less likely to overwhelm the room. For added definition, add valances, extravagant hardware, or décor.
For smaller nooks or wall spaces, add lower cabinets to fill the space without cluttering the area.
No matter the direction you choose, a media wall is sure to allow for better function and increased storage. Pull surrounding rooms together, by bringing to life a unique entertainment center designed specifically for your home.

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