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Creating a book nook can be done a few different ways but require only three fundamentals. A cozy place to sit, lighting, and storage.

One option is to install a built-in wall unit with a window seat. Allow the base of your window seat to double as storage for extra pillows and blankets. Do this by installing deep drawers or leaving an open space below for shelving or baskets. To complete the built-in, add bookcases to either side of the window seat. Lastly, while having natural lighting from the window is easily one of the best features, consider installing sconces within your nook for after hours reading.

Another way to achieve a reading nook is to simply pick a dedicated section in your home. For example, an office or living room are both great spaces to transform. Select a designated wall for installation of bookcases and cabinetry. It is up to you if you’d like to use the entire wall for this wall unit.

If you are a book lover, this addition is sure to enhance your home.

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