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Generally in remodeling we look into relatable kitchen trends as well as what is to become sought after for future homeowners. With the design world constantly evolving it can be daunting to choose the vision for your remodel. However, there are a few options that stick out more than others.

Installing white cabinetry is a sure way to make your kitchen timeless for years to come. Not only does this design choice continue to be highly searched for renovation inspiration, it is extremely versatile. A white kitchen makes for a bright space that plays well with natural lighting. If you are worried about the room feeling too cold, it is simple to warm it up by incorporating dual toned cabinets or wood toned furniture. A well aging kitchen is a great selling point for resale. Existing or new owners can add their own twist by dressing the cabinets up or down with items that are more convenient to change out like light fixtures, hardware, and all around décor.

Refresh your kitchen and bring nature indoors with the use of green cabinets. An assortment of green hues are heavily trending and don’t seem to be slowing down! This option is sure to be a show stopper. Use light green and light wood stains for a bright and airy finish, or install dark green cabinets for a more dramatic appeal. This is also a great chance to use brass or gold hardware and fixtures throughout the kitchen. Green cabinets are seen as earthy, pairing well with neutral colors and contrasting beautifully with natural or reclaimed wood additions.

Overall neutral colored kitchens appear to be here to stay. The use of tote and beige tones will set you apart from the more commonly used white cabinets. Neutral colors will keep it feeling open but will remain an inviting environment. This is a wonderful choice for smaller spaces or kitchens with less lighting. These cabinets are also a great option if you are intending to sell the home. In general a neutral colored kitchen leaves many possibilities for fixture and hardware options, allowing anyone to add their own flair to a seemingly plain color pallet. 

Add value to your home with a trending design. With the incorporation of shaker or slab doors, empower your personal style and appeal to the possibility of future buyers.

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