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Adding that extra kick to your kitchen without risking the loss of storage can be tricky. With lift-up cabinets and Tambours, you can increase your storage with the added bonus of different materials.

Lift-up cabinets are almost exactly as they sound. A horizontal cabinet that can be placed on a countertop surface or as an upper cabinet adds an element of interest using wood or metal door fronts that are connected to hardware arms. Allowing you to easily raise the door and close it with a soft close feature. The downside to these cabinets, the mechanism hardware will wear over time and if you are on the short side and choose to use them as an upper cabinet, the door may be difficult to reach once opened.

Tambours take away counter space but increase your use of storage of small appliances such as coffee makers and blenders. Pro-tip, install electrical plugs within the tambour so you can plug in your appliances right at the source! A vertical door runs on tracks allowing you to hide away any unsightly kitchen effects. Take advantage of a tambour at a juice or coffee bar! Storing cups and needed accessories on the shelving installed inside.

Each of these options can add to a fun industrial look or a traditional clean design.

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