“Our focus has always been to service our clients and build their dreams.”
– Pat Mueller

“There are no doubt easier ways to earn a living, but it is what we do and we love it!”
– Jon & Pat Mueller

Their Story

In 1988, Jon and Pat Mueller were fueled by their creative passion and desire to live the American dream and started “The Spacemakers”. The Spacemakers specialized in custom closet systems and garage cabinets, which operated out of the back of a warehouse owned by Pat’s father. After several years of refining their craft and with expertly-honed skills, they grew into more advanced projects such as office systems, libraries, and kitchens.

By 1999, The Spacemakers not only outgrew their name but also the warehouse space they occupied. They changed their name to Mueller Manufacturing, Inc. and relocated to their current location – 1941 E 13th Street – to coincide with their success.

By 2010, Mueller Manufacturing, Inc. had survived three recessions and with constant reassessing and redefining, they could truly describe their services as “Beyond Cabinets by Mueller”.

Jon Mueller

Jon Mueller is the son of an architect, William Mueller. He gained his design knowledge, expertise, and the importance of attention to detail early in his career while working on new home construction and various projects around Tucson, Arizona. Jon also worked as a Union Sub-Journeyman Carpenter, and while working on concrete form setting, he learned the fine art of engineering – a skill that translates today into cabinetry that is solid and built to last. Tired of slinging a hammer for a living, Jon convinced a local closet company that he was the right person for a fabricator and installer position. Being the only shop worker, Jon taught himself each facet of the manufacturing and installation process. He currently manages his team and projects with this same start-to-finish mindset and ensures that his staff learns the entire process as well.

Pat Mueller

Pat Mueller learned bookkeeping at the age of 16 while working in her father’s, Johnny King’s, retail carpet business in Tucson, Arizona. She also obtained invaluable business management, sales, and customer service experience while working in the family business – which operated for over 50 years. With the skills and sound knowledge Pat acquired, she developed and continues to run the business operations of the Mueller enterprise today. In addition to running the operations side of the business, Pat also has the critical role of lead cabinet designer on the manufacturing side.
Jon’s construction, design, and woodworking expertise coupled with Pat’s business savvy, and some fatherly advice to fall back on when needed over the years, created the foundation on which Mueller Manufacturing, Inc. is built on.